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Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands Around The World

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Mobile phones are among the most important things of our lives. Today is the time when an individual would prefer to remain without food rather than living without smartphone. It is the reason there is a tough competition in the smartphone market. There are a number of companies that manufacture smartphones. Here are ten of the best mobile phone brands around the world.
10. Micromax: The Indian consumer electronic company has earlier entered the list of top ten mobile phone brands around the world. According to the company, it has nearly 2% market share globally.  OMGVIS0702-10 9. ZTE: The telecommunications equipment company in China has about 2.7% market share across the world. There are a number of smartphones of the company that are very popular among the customers. OMGVIS0702-9
8. TCL Communication: TCL Communication is another Chinese company that has managed to grab a spot in top 10 mobile phone companies across the globe. The company headquartered in Huizhou has more than 3% market share in the global mobile phone market. OMGVIS0702-87. Xiaomi: Consumer Electronics Company located in China is among the companies that are performing well in the smartphone market. With the quarter one sale of about 14.740 million, Xiaomi has 3.2% market share in global market.   OMGVIS0702-76. Huawei: Smartphones of Huawei are very popular among users. With 4% market share, the Chinese company is on the sixth spot in the list. OMGVIS0702-65. Lenovo: Earlier, laptops of Lenovo were famous around the world, but the computer manufacturing company decided to take its success to the next level. In the list of top 10 mobile phone brands, Lenovo has managed to get the fifth spot. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
4. LG: The South Korean multinational electronics company is the favorite of consumers from decades. The trendy phones of the company are among the favorites phones of cell phone users.  OMGVIS0702-43. Microsoft: The company has entered the smartphone market earlier when it bought Nokia. Lumia series of the company is very famous among the users. OMGVIS0702-32. Apple: Who doesn’t wish to get an iPhone? Despite high prices, the phones of Apple are giving tough competition to rivals. Apple has about 13.1% market share globally.OMGVIS0702-21. Samsung: When we talk about smartphones, the very first name that strikes in our mind is ‘Samsung’. The cost effective and trendy smartphones of the company are always the first choice of a user. OMGVIS0702-1

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