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5 Most Surprising Causes of Death

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Death is always surprising. Nobody knows when they are going to die. Sometimes death surprises us, while sometimes the cause of death. Here are some of the most surprising causes of death.
1.    You may have heard about Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. According to a research, the chances of death from a wave of tsunami are one in about 500,000. It all depends if you are near a wave. OMGVIS0904-12.    Dogs are men’s best friend, but do you know their bites can become the cause of your death. The probabilities to beaten by the animal to death are one in more than 140,000.OMGVIS0904-23.    Every year, a number of people die when lightning struck. According to a survey, there is one in around 83,000 chances of death by lightning strike.OMGVIS0904-34.    What do you think when you are inside a plane? Some people don’t feel safe and it is because of some recent plane crash incidents. Do you know there are one in 20,000 chances that a person will die after a plane crash?OMGVIS0904-45.    We all know that suicide is not a solution to any problem, but still there are a number of people who chose to end their life pretty soon. Probabilities of death by suicide are one in just 121.     OMGVIS0904-5

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