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6 Strange and Most Common Myths About Snakes

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There are more than 3,000 species of snakes that are slithering across the world. Some of them are poisonous, while some are not harmful at all. There are a number of myths about snakes; here are some of them:
1.    There is a myth that snakes drink milk. Some people in countries like India give milk to snakes, but they don’t know that letting the reptile drink milk can be fatal.OMGVIS0907-12.    Some people believe that snakes have a habit of sticking out their tongue to warn someone. It is not true. The reptile does so to know about its location. OMGVIS0907-23.    According to a myth, snakes follow people and then bite them. The truth is that they don’t follow humans and bite them only when people accidentally put their foot on the reptile. OMGVIS0907-34.    As per some people, if a snake’s teeth are snatched, it is no more poisonous. It works for sometimes as snake grows teeth again. OMGVIS0907-45.    Most of the snakes are poisonous, according to a popular myth. The truth: only a few species of snake are dangerous and most of them are harmless. OMGVIS0907-56.    Many snake slither in pairs and if you kill one of them, second snake will seek revenge. The reality is that snakes don’t develop social bonds.     OMGVIS0907-6

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