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7 Most Corrupt Countries in The World

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Honesty is the best policy, but there are some countries around the globe where people don’t believe in honesty. There are countries like Denmark, Finland, Sweden and New Zealand which are corruption free. But, there are some countries where corruption has reached to an unbearable level. Here is a list of some of the most corrupt countries.

1. Eritrea: The African country is among the most corrupt nations around the globe. As a number of people don’t know much about the country, it was difficult to find more about corruption level in the country. The country has just 6.3 million people, but the corruption has made it very popular.OMGVIS0098-1
2. Uzbekistan: The country is situated in Asia. It has dry climate but corrupt people are enjoying every season here. Tax incentives and bribery are the main concerns of the country.OMGVIS0098-2
3. Iraq: Whether it is about worst countries for women or most corrupt nations, Iraq always grabs a place in the list. Militant groups like ISIS are worsening the situation in the country.OMGVIS0098-3
4. Afghanistan: The landlocked country has a number of problems to solve. Militant groups like Taliban and Al-Qaeda are making things more difficult for the country. Weak governance and corruption go hand-to-hand in the country.OMGVIS0098-4
5. South Sudan: Another African country, which is in the list of most corrupt nations. The country gets independence about four years ago, but as it does not have a good government structure, and corruption is increasing with every passing day.OMGVIS0098-5
6. North Korea: The country is a mysterious place. It has a number of problems and a few rights are given to its residents.OMGVIS0098-6
7. Somalia: The most unstable place on the planet, Somalia is the most corrupt nation. Only a few people of the country attend school.      OMGVIS0098-7

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