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7 Of the Worst Countries For Women

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We live in a developing world where everyone has the right to feel confident. There are more than three billion females living in the world. To make them feel special, we celebrate days like ‘Women’s Day’ and ‘Mother’s day’, but still there are some places where being a woman is a curse. Here is a list of some countries where women are not safe.
1.    Afghanistan: It is a landlocked country in Asia where an average woman has a life of just 45 years. A number of laws are against women. According to a law, a rape victim has to marry the attacker. OMGVIS0903-12.    Iraq: Females are not safe in the country in Western Asia. Rape and attacks on women are common in Iraq. A number of women were saved by US when they captured Saddam Hussain.OMGVIS0903-23.    Pakistan: In the country, women are not only abused, but in some trial areas they are gang raped. The worse thing is that even female politicians and social workers are not safe in the country. OMGVIS0903-34.    Chad: Women living in refugee camps in Chad are raped. There are only a few rights that are given to women. OMGVIS0903-45.    Democratic Republic of Congo: According to some reports, more than a thousand women are raped in the country every day. They are not even allowed to sign anything without asking their spouses.OMGVIS0903-56.    Guatemala: The country in North America is among the worst places for women to live. Rapes and domestic violence are common in the country. OMGVIS0903-67.    Sudan: The African country has very few laws favoring women. In last one decade, about a million women became victim of rape and other female related crimes.      OMGVIS0903-7

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