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7 signs you have no self control

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You must have met a lot of people who say something but do something else. It’s not that they are lying, but the thing is that they don’t have that much self control. Here are the signs you can very well relate to if you have no self control:
1.    You want to stay calm, especially when you get into some argument. But, when the situation really comes you are unable to control yourself and acts aggressively.?????????????????????????2.    You want to lose weight, has been doing workouts, running etc. You also have a diet to follow but as time passes you can’t control yourself and cheat even yourself by eating high calories eating large meal at a desk3.    You are very emotional and sensitive. When it comes to take a decision you choose your heart over mind and act emotionally.OMGKAV0701-34.    Most of the time in school and college, you were sent out of class by your teacher because of your undisciplined behavior. You always tried to behave in class but never succeed in it.OMGKAV0701-45.    You get distracted easily. You can’t focus on one thing as a result of which your work suffers.????????????????????????????????????6.    You have promised yourself many times that you will not do this or that next time. But, have broken them most of the times. At times you get fed up of yourself.OMGKAV0701-67.    You are one of those who have bribed yourself for not doing something. This is a way you follow to encourage yourself to stay in control.Woman Looking in Mirror --- Image by © Christopher Weidlich/Corbis

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