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7 Types of Neighbors We Are All Tired Of

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You can choose friends for yourself, but you have no option when it comes about neighbors. Some neighbors are sweet and loving, while some are annoying. Here are types of neighbors we all can have:

1. Over-friendly: They have a habit of making your business their business. They love to interfere in every matter without asking. They don’t know the boundaries.OMGVIS0086-1
2. Detective Ones: Such neighbors are always around your house. They love to see who is coming and who is going outside your home.Two boys on the fence looking for smth
3. Mysterious: You could not ensure whether they are in their house or not. They never make noise and stay indoors. You rarely have any conversation with them.OMGVIS0086-3
4. The Richie Riches: They are richer than you. They sometimes jealous you with their new car, new clothes and several other things. Conversation with them always makes you feel poor.OMGVIS0086-4
5. Noisy Ones: They are the most annoying neighbors one can have. Loud noises from their house irritate you, but they don’t care about you.
6. The Fighting Family: There is always an argument between them. They keep shouting offensive words in loud noises without worrying about people around them.

7. The Normal Ones: You love to have such people around you, but they are very rare. They behave normal, know their limits and don’t believe in showoff.OMGVIS0086-7

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