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Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World

Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World
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Winter is the favorite season of a number of people around the world. It is the season which allows you to wear stylish clothes and eat several kinds of foods. But, there are some places around the globe where winters are unbearable. Here is a list of top coldest nations:
10. Estonia: The northern European country is an extremely cold place to live. According to reports, during winter, the temperature of the country drops to minus three degree Celsius. Residents of Estonia do not know much about summers as the highest temperature of summers is just 16 degree Celsius. OMGVIS0901-109. Finland: Another European nation is in the list of top 10 coldest countries. The temperature of the country bordering Russia and Sweden reaches -45 degree Celsius in winters. OMGVIS0901-98. Mongolia: It is a country is Asia which is famous for its nomadic people and extremely cold temperature. In winter, the temperature of the country reaches to minus 20 degree Celsius, while summer’s average temperature is 0 degree. OMGVIS0901-87. Iceland: The name of the country clarifies why it is in the list of coldest countries. In extreme conditions, the temperature of the country falls to minus 40 degree Celsius.1317172656. Greenland: It is the largest island on the planet. As the country is located in the North Polar Region, it is among the coldest places to live. When you are in Greenland, you will see huge amount of ice around you. OMGVIS0901-65. USA: If you know about Alaska, there is no need to say why USA is among the coldest places. There are only a few people who chose to live in the region. OMGVIS0901-54. Kazakhstan: The Asian country is famous for its unbearable winters. This country has recorded one of the coldest temperatures of the planet. OMGVIS0901-43. Canada: The extreme low temperature and icy winds make the country one of the coldest places to live. The winters are so cold in Canada that sometimes temperature falls lower than -40 degree Celsius.OMGVIS0901-3  2. Russia: The largest country in the world is also among the coldest places. You will not believe but the coldest temperature of the country was recorded -72 degree Celsius.  OMGVIS0901-21. Antarctica: The place is so cold that nobody stays there expect some researchers. The temperature in the region falls to -89 degree Celsius.OMGVIS0901-1

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