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10 Surprising Facts About Wine You Probably Didn’t Know

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Wine has a very fascinating history. From a long time, humans are inhaling wine. What do you know about wine? Here are some of the amazing facts about wine to improve your knowledge about it.
1.    Do you know why drinkers bump their glasses and say ‘cheers’? Well, the custom came from Rome and the reason behind it was to ensure that no one has poisoned the wine. When they bumped glass, some amount of wine spilled to each others’ glass.  OMGVIS1006-12.    Italy is the top producer of wine. OMGVIS1006-23.    There is a famous saying that wine helps in improving your health, but in actual, not all wines are beneficial. White wine could increase the risks of contracting cancer.  OMGVIS1006-34.    According to a study, women who used to have two drinks of wine everyday have better sex life than those who don’t drink.OMGVIS1006-45.    A research showed that about 0.7% of the earth’s population is alcoholic every minute, which means more than 50 million people are drunk right now.OMGVIS1006-56.    Wine gets better when preserved, but there are some wines that should be inhaled within twelve months. OMGVIS1006-67.    Wine was invented about 6,000 years ago. OMGVIS1006-78.    There are some people around the world who are afraid of wine and the phobia is named ‘oenophobia’. OMGVIS1006-89.    There is a misconception that wine makes people fat, which is not true.


10.    You should not keep wine bottles in your kitchen because the heat there could damage the wine’s quality.OMGVIS1006-10

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