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5 Video Games That Are Banned Due to Stupid Reasons

5 Video Games That Are Banned Due to Stupid Reasons
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What decides if the game should be banned or not? You may say that content, graphics and storyline do the task. You are right! But there are some surprising reasons too. Here are five of the video games that are banned due to stupid reason.
1.    Far Cry 3: Open world action-adventure game is a perfect treat for those who love to play video games. But people in Indonesia can’t play the game as it has been banned there. As per the authorities, the game has shown that the country is nothing less than hell. OMGVIS1003-12.    Pokemon: You may be a fan of Pikachu (a cure character in Pokemon game). Despite engaging features, the game is banned in Saudi Arabia as according to the authority, the game promotes Zionism. OMGVIS1003-23.    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: If you are in Indonesia, you will not be able to play action-adventure video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Protagonist CJ’s dance moves with his girl annoyed the authorities. OMGVIS1003-34.    Injustice: Gods Among Us: The fight based game is a dream game for the gamers who love to watch superheroes in a game. The game has superheroes like Batman and Superman, but UAE banned the game just because the title of the game has ‘God’. OMGVIS1003-45.    Call of Duty: Black Ops II: The game is banned in the Pakistan and according to authority, the game is banned because the game has shown negative side of Pakistanis.       OMGVIS1003-5

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