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7 Foods to Fight Depression

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Depression can be healed in a number of ways and a good food is among them. Here are some of the foods that can boost your mood.
1.    Spinach: The edible flowering plant is beneficial in a number of ways. It not only makes you physically strong, but mentally too. Folic acid in the plant helps you in boosting your mood. OMGVIS1002-12.    Chocolate: Who doesn’t love to eat chocolate? It is not only a delicious item, but healthy too. According to a number of studies, chocolate can be helpful in making you feel better. OMGVIS1002-23.    Eggs: They have proteins, zinc and vitamin B. The food not only cures the unnecessary craving for food, but also changes your mood.    OMGVIS1002-34.    Coconut: There are a number of countries around the where coconut is used for a number of purposes. The fruit contains certain fats that can be helpful in boosting your mood. OMGVIS1002-45.    Walnuts: They are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Consumption of walnuts in limited amounts can be helpful in dealing with depression. Magnesium in it boosts your mood. OMGVIS1002-56.    Berries: According to a study, people who consume berries have very low chances of having depression. GoodFon.ru7.    Honey: It is among the most common and effective sources to fight depression. The properties of it help in improving the brain health.     OMGVIS1002-7

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