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7 qualities every woman loves in a man

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This is something even man would be eager to know about, after all who doesn’t like to be in good books of the girl they have a crush on. We are here with some qualities every woman loves in a man:

1. Girls love the guys who have a good sense of humor. They look for the ones who can make even the darkest situations light.OMGKAV0074-1
2. Girls fall for the boys with a caring heart. They love to get pampered. They want a guy who can love, understand and protect them.OMGKAV0074-2
3. Women understand that nobody is perfect but all that they think is a must trait in a guy is “respect”. They want their man to respect all.OMGKAV0074-3
4. How can I forget to mention surprises? Girls love to get surprised and have a special corner for the guys who look for creative ideas to impress them. They want their guy to be unique and different.OMGKAV0074-4
5. Loyalty is something everybody expects from the other person. Girls love the guys who have the guts to stand in front of her and tell the truth no matter even if he has done something wrong.

6. Girls are in a habit of talking about almost everything going on in their lives and for this they need an ear to listen and council. They love calm guys who can listen to them and will always give her the right suggestion.

7. Last but not the least all that they want from their guy is a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry and a lifelong loving heart.

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