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7 Secrets to Keep From Girlfriend

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Do you share everything with your girlfriend? It is good to share your life with your beloved one, but sometimes it becomes necessary to keep secrets. Here are some of the things that you should not tell your girlfriend.
1.    Don’t tell your girlfriend if you had crush on her best friend. There is no need to reveal this secret. OMGVIS1008-12.    If you suffered from a disease in the past, don’t tell about it to your girlfriend.C020/88853.    There is no doubt that you still watch porn. Maybe no often, but you do.  It is totally fine and there is no need to reveal about it to your girlfriend. OMGVIS1008-34.    You had a relationship in the past. It may be good or bad. Don’t share information about your past relationship with your girlfriend as it could upset her. OMGVIS1008-45.    Don’t tell your girlfriend anything about your ‘me time’. It is the time that you want to spend alone. OMGVIS1008-56.    It is important for you that your girlfriend loves you and not your money, so don’t tell her about your salary. OMGVIS1008-67.    Is there any need to reveal to your girlfriend that you slept with two or three women when she was not in your life? Absolutely no! Be loyal with her, but don’t talk about your past sex life.     OMGVIS1008-7

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