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7 Things Only Your Best Friend Knows About You

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You may have a number of friends with whom you love to spend time, but you have only one best friend. Friends may claim that they know everything about you, but there are some things that only a best friend knows. Here are some of those things:
1.    You develop feelings for a number of people in your life; you can forget the number of crush you have, but your best friend knows the exact figure.OMGVIS1005-12.    When you are out of your home, you behave different not to annoy people, but your best friend knows the real you. OMGVIS1005-23.    You try to be nice in front of those people whom you don’t like. You try to pretend but your best friend knows how much you hate that person. OMGVIS1005-34.    A best friend knows how much alcohol you can tolerate. OMGVIS1005-45.    People may say that you are the nicest person they have ever seen in their life, but your best friend knows how much it is true. OMGVIS1005-56.    Your best friend knows how you react. That person knows how your opinion will be about various things.OMGVIS1005-67.    The person knows when you are behaving genuinely and when you are faking.      OMGVIS1005-7

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