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7 things people with hidden depression do

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Depression is something which is silent. You can never make out whether the other person is going through depression or something. Here are some of the things that people with hidden depression do:

1. People with hidden depression are observers and most of the times you will see them in silent mode.OMGKAV0073-1
2. They are always up with a lot of excuses to give when asked to accompany to a party, hang out with friends etc.OMGKAV0073-2
3. Depressed people are the ones who are often present at a place physically, while their mind is in some other world.OMGKAV0073-3
4. They are over sensitive emotional fools. They are one of those who even take the words spoken by a stranger to their heart and will keep on pondering about it.OMGKAV0073-4
5. Their thoughts are responsible for their depression. They think a lot and it’s not like that they want to think, but it just happens. They have no control over their mind.OMGKAV0073-5
6. They are in a habit of knowing what’s going in other people’s life and compare it with their own life. This comparison sucks the happiness out of them, dropping them in a dead sad zone.OMGKAV0073-6
7. They never focus on what they have and always look at the things others are having. They see a half filled glass as half empty. They have a negative attitude in life.      OMGKAV0073-7

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