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Five Super Expensive Hobbies

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Some of the most common hobbies are reading, writing, fishing, drawing and gardening. What are the most expensive hobbies? Here are some of them:
1.    Race Car Driving: Driving your own car is one thing and driving a racing car is different. The expensive hobby isn’t for ordinary people as you have to spend a huge amount just for one ride.     OMGVIS1007-12.    Aviation: There are a number of people who have a dream to fly a plane. Not all of them succeed in fulfilling their dreams. The first step to develop this hobby is to attend an aviation class, which could cost a lot. After that, you have to rent a plane. OMGVIS1007-23.    Ballroom Dancing: The form of dancing was earlier introduced in dance shows on television. To learn this dance form, you will have to pay a huge amount to instructors. Sooner, you will realize that dance lessons are so expensive.OMGVIS1007-3 4.    Sky Diving: There are many people across the globe who have this hobby, but they pay a huge amount just for a dive of one minute. OMGVIS1007-45.    Mountain Climbing: If you think people usually don’t do mountain climbing just because it is dangerous then you are half correct. Mountain climbing is both dangerous and expensive. You have to pay a huge amount if you are planning to climb world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest.     OMGVIS1007-5

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