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7 Things About Life Right After College

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After spending a long time in college doing fun with friends, life suddenly changes when you finally graduate. Here are some things about life right after college.
1.    It is not easy to get a job of your choice. You may have a degree in your hand and talent in you, but you have to roam to get a good job.

OMGKAV1106-12.    You will realize that days are very confusing. People around you will keep on asking you about your future plans. 3.    When you were in college, you used to do parties with your friends, but after college life, you come to know that you don’t have enough time to go to pubs and discos.OMGKAV1106-34.    There will be no break. If you get a job, you have to go to your office every day except weekends.OMGKAV1106-45.    It will take some time to get a good job. In the beginning, you will be paid very less even when you have good grades. OMGKAV1106-56.    You come to realize that college life was the best. OMGKAV1106-67.    You realize that textbooks don’t have answer to every question. You gain knowledge by analyzing people around you.    OMGKAV1106-7

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