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Five Most Polluted Cities in the World

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Air pollution is among the major causes of lung cancer. Cars, trucks, buses and jet airplanes are some of the major pollutants. Many people in polluted cities breathe poison every day. Here is a list of most polluted cities on the earth.
5. Cairo (Egypt): The sprawling capital of Egypt has a population of about 22 million. A number of residents of the city are suffering from lung cancer and chronic respiratory. Poor air quality in the city is the result of increased traffic and industries.    OMGKAV0711-54. Mexico City (Mexico): The densely populated city of Mexico is among the most polluted cities on the earth. According to reports, the city’s air has sulfur dioxide and hydrocarbons in high amount.OMGKAV0711-43. Santiago (Chile): The largest city of Chile has population more than five million. Increased traffic is among the city’s most common troubles. The air of the city contains high amount of dangerous particles.OMGKAV0711-32. Beijing (China): The massive city of China is well known for its fabulous modern architecture. Adding to that, the city is famous for its bad air quality. The air of Beijing is so dangerous that residents usually wear masks when they come out of their houses.     OMGKAV0711-21. Delhi (India): The vast South Asian country may be lagging behind the world’s most populous country, China, on a number of things, but when it comes about most polluted cities in the world, the Capital territory of country beat Beijing and became the most polluted city in the world. Increased number of vehicles and coal powered plants have increased problem for the city.  OMGKAV0711-1

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