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Seven Things to Say Your Partner Instead of ‘I love You’

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When you are in a long-term relationship, you use the phrase ‘I love you’ a number of times. After some time, saying the three magical words becomes a kind of punctuation. Here are seven of the things that you can say to your partner to woo them without saying ‘I love you’.
1.    You Complete Me: When you tell your partner that you are incomplete with them, you show them how important they are for you. Tell your partner that they are the real reason behind your happiness. OMGKAV0712-12.    You Are Hot: Sometimes in long-term relationships, it becomes necessary to tell your partner that you still find them hot. You can say ‘you are effing hot’ or ‘You look amazing’. OMGKAV0712-23.    My Love For You Grows Everyday: When you are truly in love with someone, your love grows with every passing day. Make your partner realize that you are in love with them more today than yesterday. OMGKAV0712-34.    I Love Every Moment I Spent With You: It may be a walk, a dinner or a movie, just tell your partner that every moment you spent with them was the best moment of your life. OMGKAV0712-45.    I Love It When We Are Together: It doesn’t matter how much time you spend with your partner every day, how you utilize that time matters. Just tell your partner that you love the time when you are with them. OMGKAV0712-56.    I Love Watching You: It is always good to praise your partner. Tell them you love watching them when they are walking, talking or playing an instrument. OMGKAV0712-67.    You Are Attractive: Everyone is concerned with their look. You can say ‘you have become more attractive’.          OMGKAV0712-7

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