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10 Things Every Guy Should Know Before Dating A Girl

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Dating a girl is fine but before getting into such an affair you must know these things:

1. Girls expect attention, so before dating a girl you must be able to give her proper time.OMGKAV0077-1
2. Girls love presents on occasions but make sure that you make your girl feel special by gifting her something different, unique, creative that nobody has gifted to his girl ever.OMGKAV0077-2
3. Girls want a serious relationship so think before taking your relation as a time pass.OMGKAV0077-3
4. They are feminist, so avoid speaking anti-girls in front of her. She would love it if you will respect girls.OMGKAV0077-4
5. She will want you to make her an essential part of yourself. So, get ready to give her that place in your life.OMGKAV0077-5
6. Girls love compliments so never miss a chance to complement them or things related to them.

7. If you are going to date a career oriented girl then never forget that her career, job is also important and matters as much as yours. So, never argue when it comes to career.

8. You need to understand that if you are dating a girl it doesn’t mean she will also be having the same opinions as of your. You have to learn to accept it.

9. If after coming into a relation you feel that the girl you are dating gets angry and you don’t know why, then I must tell you it would be your fault. You should know that girls are like this, they want you to remain concerned about them all the time and ask them on a regular basis about how their life is going on.

10. Girls hate guys who are over possessive and they demand space also. So, you must be ready to give her the space she needs in her life.

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