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10 Things You Should Never Expect From Others

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Expectations always hurt. We expect a number of things from others and when they don’t fulfill our expectations, we get hurt. After that, we tell ourselves not to expect anything from others, but still our expectations rely on them. It’s natural to expect from our beloved ones, but here are some of the things you should definitely stop expecting from others. OMGKAV1109-11.    You must be open-minded to expect that people will not think like you. Stop expecting from others to say or do what you think is right.
2.    People may have different opinions about you. If one individual thinks you are a good human being, it doesn’t mean others will think so. You can’t expect people to like or love you.
3.    Remember, nobody is perfect. People around you will have many weaknesses; so stop expecting people to be perfect for you.
4.    You may want to do something with your friends, but it is not necessary they have to do what you want to do. Don’t expect them to join you in your activities.
5.    People have their own life and priorities. If you want them, it doesn’t mean they want you too. You should stop expecting people to be with you every time.
6.    If you don’t like your friend’s behavior, it doesn’t mean the person has to change for you. Don’t expect the individual to change for you.
7.    People have lots of work to do; so stop expecting people around you to understand you.
8.    You commit mistake and you fall down. Don’t expect others to pick you up and be with you.
9.    When you have something in your mind that you want to tell the world, just say it. Don’t expect others to read your mind.
10.     It is your life and you have to live it on your own. Stop expecting people to fight for you when you are in a trouble.

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