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7 beauty problems every girl knows to be true

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Life of a girl is not that easy. They have to go through so much, need to look tip top all the time, perfect eyebrows, proper nail paint, awesome hairdo, each and every thing. Here are 10 beauty problems every girl knows to be true:

1. The time when you have to apply nail paint on your right hand. Come on, you are like I wish I had to apply nail paint on left hand only.OMGKAV0082-1
2. The time your nail paint takes to get dry seems like never ending to you. At times, your patience level gives up and you end up smudging your nail paint away.OMGKAV0082-2
3. Who doesn’t want to apply winged eyeliner on her eyes? Girls are grrr when it isn’t happening.OMGKAV0082-3
4. It feels like hell when you are getting late for somewhere and while getting ready at the last moment when you are almost done, your mascara turns on you, making your face go blackish.OMGKAV0082-4
5. It pains girls like hell when one of their all time favorite lipstick breaks off mid-application. They are like I wish I hadn’t applied this one. Their mood gets spoiled and they feel like crying. OMGKAV0082-5
6. Most of girls use hair straighter, curler etc appliances to do a perfect hairdo. Such girls can very well relate to the moment when the hot metal of the appliance by mistake touches their skin, leaving it burning.OMGKAV0082-6
7. And yes how can I miss this. When you notice fire like smell as if something is set on fire while straightening or curling your hair, you go insane. You are like, OMG, did I burn my hair by overheating it. No..!!OMGKAV0082-7

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