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7 Myths about Left-Handed people

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There must be lot of left handed people around you and you must have heard a lot of things about them. Here are we with some most common myths that people have about Left-Handed people:
1.    In earlier times there was a myth that the left-hand symbolize female while the right hand symbolize men.OMGKAV1104-12.    Left- Handed people keep in mind wide range of possibilities and have a creative mind. They can easily deal with more than one task at one time. They become good multitaskers. OMGKAV1104-23.    People believe that there are more chances to be left handed if you are twins as compared to the single ones.OMGKAV1104-34.    Left is considered to be negative and right as positive by many people. People have a myth that if you feel itchy on you left hand it means you will have to give money to somebody and if you feel the same on right hand it means you will soon receive money from somewhere.OMGKAV1104-45.    One of the ancient tribes known as Zuni tribe believed left handed people to be a good sign. According to them, such people are more blessed and wiser.OMGKAV1104-56.    There was another myth that if you would apply an ointment with the forefinger of your right hand than it will not heal the effected part. This is because people called this finger as poison finger.  OMGKAV1104-67.    People have a myth that left handed were born in the opposite direction of which the normal people take birth.      OMGKAV1104-7

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