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7 Reasons why you should confess your feelings to the girl you like

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All of us have a friend in our lives, who had a crush on a girl, in fact loved her so much but never told her about his feelings and you feel pity for him. Here are the reasons you should tell such a friend of yours about why he should confess his feelings to the girl he likes:

1. It is better to confess than to regret later on, as you never know she may also have a liking for you but is shy.OMGKAV0076-1
2. Feelings are something that just comes in you and you have no control over it. You can’t decide whether to fall in love with this girl or that girl, it just happens. So, why be afraid of telling the girl about your feelings?OMGKAV0076-2
3. It is not a crime to love somebody so there must be no reason behind remaining quiet and living in dream world only.OMGKAV0076-3
4. If you won’t confess the girl your feelings then there are chances you will never be able to overcome the situation even after she gets married.OMGKAV0076-4
5. You should confess, otherwise no one would be able to trust you that you really loved her. You yourself will start feeling pity on yourself.OMGKAV0076-5
6. Confessing your feelings to somebody you like is important otherwise you would never be able to trust on your own abilities. You will lose all your self confidence.OMGKAV0076-6
7. Results should never bother you instead you should always try and give in your 100%. You can’t do anything without trying. You don’t know whether the girl would say yes to your proposal or no, but in the end you will be satisfied that at least you made her know about her value in your heart.      OMGKAV0076-7

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