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8 Scary Facts About Our Everyday Life

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You wake up in the morning, get engage in various activities, eat your food, go to office, do your work, return from your office, eat your food then go to bed. What else you know about your daily life? Here are some facts about our daily life that will definitely surprise you.
1.    If you love to watch television then this is for you. If you watch television for two or more hours every day, your life expectancy gets shortened by more than one year. OMGKAV1108-12.    Sneezing hard could result into hurting your ribs. Adding to that, if you hold back your sneeze, it could be harmful for your head’s blood vessel. OMGKAV1108-23.    Hearts of females beat faster than males. skd238543sdc4.    Do you know a toilet seat is cleaner than you office desk? According to a survey, office desk could have about 400 times more bacteria than your home’s toilet seat. OMGKAV1108-45.    Have you ever imagined that candles could be dangerous? More than 10,000 houses burnt every year due to candles. OMGKAV1108-56.    A human’s left lung is always smaller than the right lung. It is to provide enough space to the heart. Anatomy of the heart and lungs (outspread to let the heart visible) and pulmonary circulation (pulmonary blood circulation). This image is part of a series on pulmonary pathologies. See. images 0447007 and 0447307 for the healthy lung, 0445407 and 0445507 for the normal pulmonary circulation (heart, lungs and vessels), 0447407 and 0447507 for a symbolic representation of pulmonary pathologies, 0445607, 0445707, 0447107 and 0447207 for the lung cancer, 0445807, 0443807, 0446107, 0446207, 0446907, 0447607 and 0447707 for pulmonary embolism, 0551407, 0551507, 0551607 and 0551707 for the tuberculosis.7.    If you are among the people who love to wear a ring then you must consider wearing it because it could contain more than 730 million bacteria under it. OMGKAV1108-78.    Texting is dangerous when you are driving. In the United States alone, more than 5,000 people get killed when they are texting while driving.

To go with Asia-telecom-SMS-technology-Internet by Martin Abbugao This photo, taken on June 21, 2012, shows a person using a mobile phone touch screen keypad to write a text message in Singapore. Text messaging, the humble telecoms service that turned into a global phenomenon, is under threat from free smartphone services and operators need to find alternative revenue streams, analysts say.  AFP PHOTO / ROSLAN RAHMAN        (Photo credit should read ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/GettyImages)

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