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Seven Harsh realities that help you grow

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Life is a beautiful journey but not at all an easy one. Time is the biggest teacher you will meet on your way through life. Here are seven harsh realities that help you grow in life:
1.    Short cuts never going to work, no matter how smartly you would act. Everything has a way and you have to follow it to achieve the desired thing.OMGKAV1106-12.    Life is never going to be easy; it is you who will have to become tough and strong. In the beginning, you will face the toughest circumstance and eventually everything will fall into one place. Beginnings are the toughest. OMGKAV1106-23.    No matter how hard you work or how honest you are, you will always need to wait as patience is the key to all the lock of life. You have to never let your persistence die.  OMGKAV1106-4

4.    Change is permanent. No two days are going to be same. You have to learn to go with the flow of time and life. Each and everything in life will change. Studio shot of flowers in laboratory cylinders --- Image by © Pulse/Corbis

5.    It doesn’t matter how rich, powerful you are, as when it comes to life you can’t control everything. All you can do and must do is try your best, give your 100% and never give up.
6.    In life you will meet a lot of people, nut you have to keep it in mind that they are not always the way they say they are. You will get ditched, betrayed by the ones you never expected from.OMGKAV1106-6 7.    Life never stops, it goes on. In life, you can’t remain stuck at one place. No matter how hard it is to take a step forward, but you will have to.  Life is a never ending process.   OMGKAV1106-7

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