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Six Real Strangest addictions

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We all have addictions of some kind. Addiction can be of anything varying from tea to alcohol, ice-creams to chocolates, mobiles to Facebook, anything.  We are here with some of the strangest addictions you have ever known:
1.    Widow eats husband’s Ashes: There is a Casie named lady, her husband has died. She was so attached to her husband that she has saved the ashes of her husband and carries it with her wherever she goes. She feels so sick at times that she even eats those ashes. OMGKAV1105-12.    Severe Music Addict: There is a Swedish guy who has been declared to be suffering from some disability because of heavy metal addiction. He is allowed to take offs from office to visit metal shows so that he can feel better.OMGKAV1105-23.    Piercing and Tattoos can be a choice but do you know there are many people out there in the world who are addicted to them. They get their whole body tattooed and piercing in different parts of their beautiful bodies. OMGKAV1105-34.    There is an addiction called geophagy, which is dirt eating. Many people are in a habit of eating dirt or muddy particles, things for the absorption of phosphorous and sulphur. OMGKAV1105-4
5.    There is a lady named Bertha who had an addiction of drinking nail polish. She is so obsessed with it that she even licks it with the brush afterwards. She revealed her addiction on a show named as “My Strange Addiction”.OMGKAV1105-56.    There is a Teresa named lady who has been eating rocks every single day since last 20 years. It was the smell of rock that tempted her in the beginning and soon she started facing craving for rocks. She shared her addiction on “The Strange Addiction” television series.     OMGKAV1105-6

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