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Six World’s most Weird ice cream flavors

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Who doesn’t love ice creams? It is something you can easily fall but we are here with some most weird ice cream flavors in the world that will shock you:
1.    In Tokyo there is a very famous ice cream flavor known as raw horse flesh ice cream. For people in Tokyo, this ice cream flavor is a delightful frozen treat, which they relish a lot.OMGKAV1102-12.    Japan invented a unique ice cream flavor called soya sauce flavor. For people out there blend of soya sauce and ice cream makes a perfect sweet and salty treat in summers.OMGKAV1102-23.    In Western Alaska, Eskimo ice cream is one the favorite treats. Instead of being creamy this ice cream is a blend of recently fallen snow or water, berries, ground fish and seal oil. OMGKAV1102-34.    Japan’s Oyster Ice cream is one of the weirdest ice creams you have ever known. This ice cream has real oyster large pieces are mixed into this ice cream. OMGKAV1102-45.    One of London’s ice cream shops ‘The Icecreamists’ invented a notorious ice cream flavor called Baby Gaga. Known as breast milk ice cream, it is prepared by using donations of fresh breast milk by public. Isn’t this crazy?OMGKAV1102-56.    Japan’s Mamushi snake Ice cream will give you goose bumps. Do you know that in Japan there is an ice cream flavor which has Mamushi mixed in it? Mamushi comes among one of the most poisonous snakes.       OMGKAV1102-6

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