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Small cities are the best. Here’s how?

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A lot of people live in small towns, cities but as they grow up they move to metro cities for better opportunities. But it doesn’t mean that they have stopped loving their little hometown. Here are the things that show why small cities are the best:
1.    Cost of living is not that much as compared to big metro cities. You won’t face that much difficulty.OMGKAV1101-12.    If you live in a small city you must be used to say hello, hi to whomsoever you meet on your way to school or office as everyone knows each other. You never feel alone.OMGKAV1101-23.    In small cities there is not that much population as you can see in a metro city. Huge traffic jams, wait for long hours, etc kind of problems are not seen in small cities. OMGKAV1101-34.    In a small city, if you would ask for help to somebody, you will get it easily. If you will get stuck in a problem, for say your vehicles has stopped, people won’t think twice before trusting you and offering you help. OMGKAV1101-45.    Crime rate is less in small cities as compared to the metro cities. Murders, rapes, robberies take place but much lesser as compare to what we face in big cities.OMGKAV1101-56.    Small cities have are still in touch with nature. They are in the lap of nature, unaffected by industrialization.  You can get peace of mind in small cities.     OMGKAV1101-6

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