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These things will tell you why women love shopping

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Do you think women are shopaholic? Yes, they are. Women have a special corner for shopping in their heart. Next time before targeting women you must think twice. Here are the things that will tell you why women love shopping:
1.    Women go shopping because they have the responsibility of their families, their husband and children. They are the ones who have to look after the attires, shoe wear of their loved ones. They go shopping to buy stuff for their near and dear ones.OMGKAV1103-12.    Women are home builder and they have to ensure that everything is up to the mark at home. From curtains to cushions, mat to wallpaper everything. OMGKAV1103-23.    A woman cooks food for her family and thus it is her responsibility to go out and buy vegetables, fruits and whatever she need to cook a proper healthy meal for her family.OMGKAV1103-34.    When women feel low they go out for shopping. Shopping is something that gives women a sense of satisfaction.OMGKAV1103-45.    Women go shopping to stay tip top and up to the mark the way their husbands want them to be. They have to go with the flow and stay fashion updated.    OMGKAV1103-5

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