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10 Thing Men Desperately Want Women to Know

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Men don’t like revealing their secrets. They want a simple and drama-free life, but they also want women to know some things about them. Here are some of those things:
1.    Men don’t say but they want respect from women. They want women to show that they are important. 786307882.    Men have their own way to lead their life. They want women to accept them the way they are. They don’t want to be changed. Portrait of a happy couple3.    To finish an argument, men usually apologize, but believe, they have no idea why they are saying ‘sorry’.OMGVIS1306-34.    Women never make the first move, but according to most of the men, there is no harm if a woman will make the move. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????5.    Most of the women have a habit; they don’t talk straight-forward. They keep on dropping hints and men hate that. Men want women to say loud and clear what they really want. OMGVIS1306-56.    If they compliment another girl, it doesn’t mean they are trying to cheat you or they find you less attractive. It means he really the girl is really attractive. OMGVIS1306-67.    A happy woman is always the most attractive lady on the planet for a man. Men always want women to keep smiling. OMGVIS1306-78.    When a guy doesn’t compliment you, it doesn’t mean he is no more interested in you. It is just because he doesn’t have the perfect words to describe your beauty. OMGVIS1306-89.    If a stranger guy makes an eye contact with you, it doesn’t mean he want to sleep with you. May be, he is just trying to be nice.OMGVIS1306-910.    If a guy says ‘I am Okay’, believe, he is really okay. Men don’t have a habit of hiding their true feelings.

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