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5 Myths About Men That Are Not True

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It is impossible to find why men and women are different from each other. Women have some misconceptions about men. According to a number of women around the world, men are heart-breakers and crazy for sex. Here are some of the myths about men that are not true:
1.    Men Only Think About Sex: There is a very popular myth that men think about sex whenever they get time. But, the truth is that if a guy will be given choice between sex and sleep, he will definitely choose to sleep. Some guys love food more than sex. OMGVIS1302-12.    Men Are Not Emotional: If you also have this misconception, then it is the right time to clear it. According to some reports, men are more emotional than ladies. But, they don’t believe in revealing their feelings to anyone. If a guy is encouraged, he will share his secrets. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????3.    Men Have Commitment Phobia: Some people think men do not like to commit, but the truth is that they do commitment faster than women. They introduce their girlfriends and beloveds to their dear ones when they are serious about their relationship. OMGVIS1302-34.    Men Are Not Romantic: Some women complaint that men are not romantic creatures, but the reality is that they don’t know how to see the romantic side of a man. A man doesn’t believe in show offs. He believes in small romantic things. OMGVIS1302-45.    Men Don’t Love to Talk: If you think men are not talkative then you should think again. Men love to talk. Some recent studies found that a number of men indulge in gossip.     OMGVIS1302-5

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