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5 times “Pyaar Ka Punchnama” spoke every guy’s mind

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This flick is something direct from the heart of a guy that most of the girls didn’t know even goes in their mind. You are going to regret it for life if you will take your girl to watch this movie until unless she is very understanding. Else, get ready for a long lasting fight. We are here with how “Pyaar Ka Punchnama” spoke every guy’s mind:

1. This is something every guy feels after going on shopping with his girl. This dialogue of the flick nailed the situation –

“Saale Shopping khatam nahi hoti inki  Pehle cushion laye   fir curtain laye
cushion, curtain se match nahi kiye  toh aur cushion laye
mere ghar mein mug itne hai  ki unko bechne jaoon
toh mahine ka kharcha nikal aaye”OMGKAV0083-1
2. Every guy must have been the victim of such a question-

“Ghadi ghadi
kya soch rahe ho???
kya soch rahe ho???”

The moment she asks you, your heart is like-

“Are kuch nahi soch raha meri maa
yeh soch raha hoon ki tera mooh kaise band karu…
kya soch raha hoon
camera laga doon dimag mein..”
3. And when suddenly you face argument-attack by your girl because of something you don’t even remember. You are like-

“aaj ki baat par jhagada hoga do mahine baad…
Yahaan saala yaad hi nahi rehta hai do mahine pehle hua kya tha???
Ladkiyaan bacha ke rakhti hain
yeh chota hatiyar nahi
bada hatiyar hai
isse badi ladai mein use karenge.”
4. The moment you are stuck in your office and your phone rings trin trin, wife calling..and you cut, hang up the phone thinking to call her back once you get free from work but girls will be girls. Within ten minutes, you receive a message:

“I don’t think it’s working anymore”
Portrait of businessman talking on mobile phone in office
5. And then, you decide to give up in front of your wife. You are like

“Inn ladkiyon ko naa koi khush nahi rakh sakta
A happy woman is a myth”OMGKAV0083-5

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