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5 Ways Your Desk Job Is Slowly Killing You

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Modern office job means tension, competition, tight deadlines and sitting in front of a computer for hours. Do you know you desk job is killing you? Sitting on a chair for a long time not only affects your health, but it slowly kills you. Here are the reasons how:
1.    According to a latest research, individuals who spend six or more hours while sitting on a chair are at high risks of developing medical problems like depression, blood pressure and obesity. OMGVIS1303-12.    When you walk, every part of your body operates, but when you sit for long time, activities of your body’s muscles shuts off. In that way, you do not get enough chance to burn calories.OMGVIS1303-23.    As per some studies on sitting jobs, individuals who work in desk jobs have more than double the rate of cardiovascular disease than the people who don’t work in desk jobs. OMGVIS1303-34.    If you are sitting for more than six hours, even exercise won’t help you. Desk job makes you about 40% likelier to die earlier than the people who enroll in standing jobs. OMGVIS1303-45.    When you are in office, you love to have junk food. As you sit for more than six hours, those junk foods become your enemy.    OMGVIS1303-5

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