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7 Most Friendly Dogs for your Kids

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Dogs are humans’ best friends. They love you unconditionally, protect you and stay with you during every think and thin. Some dogs are very friendly with the little ones here are some of the most kid friendly dogs:

7. Beagle- This dog breed has adorable looks, gentle temperament and friendly personality which make it one of the most popular family dogs. Beagles are active companions of kids.OMGKAV0084-1
6. Newfoundland- This dog is a loyal and intelligent breed. It can serve as an amazing working partner. It is a dependable, sweet natured family dog.OMGKAV0084-2
5. Vizsla- It is a devoted, stylish and versatile dog breed. Vizsla has an aristocratic bearing and his only desire is to be loved.OMGKAV0084-3
4. Irish Setter- This is an amiable dog breed who loves to take part in all the family activities. It is eager to please the people around it and is good with children.OMGKAV0084-4
3. Poodle- This dog breed is not too excitable and is very good with children. They are proud, clever, elegant and very affectionate. Poodles come in three sizes out of which Toy Poodles are not recommended for children.OMGKAV0084-5
2. Labrador Retriever- Labrador Retrievers are highly biddable, love to please others and can be trained easily. They are silly creatures and acts like kids. They know exactly how to bring a smile on your face.OMGKAV0084-6
1. Golden Retriever- These dogs exactly know how to comfort others. They have friendly personalities and are the ultimate family dogs. They know how to play games like catch the ball etc.OMGKAV0084-7

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