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7 Stereotypical Expectations Most Indian Parents Have

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The only goal of parent’s life is to see their children on the top of success. In today’s competitive world, they want their kids to achieve the things that they couldn’t attain. In the process, they forget they are pressurizing their kid. Here are some the stereotypical expectations parents in India have.
1.    According to Indian parents, if you want to be successful in your life, keep your focus on engineering or medical science. There is no hope if you want to be a photographer or an artist. OMGVIS1309-12.    They don’t want their children to talk to strangers, but when they are over 21, parents want their children to get married to an individual determined by them. OMGVIS1309-23.    For Indian parents, if you have a job, you are eligible to get married. It doesn’t matter for them if you are not ready for the responsibility. OMGVIS1309-34.    For Indian parents, boys can’t cry and girls can’t be aggressive. OMGVIS1309-45.    If you want to be an actor or singer, they will be like ‘what people will say about you?’OMGVIS1309-56.    If you are getting a break from your school or college, you have to study every time. The time isn’t to feel free. OMGVIS1309-67.    You cannot take a break in your life. There is one more boot camp, if you have passed one.      OMGVIS1309-7

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