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7 Strangest But Interesting Jobs Around the World

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Do you think 9-5 job is the best? If yes, then you must consider the following jobs once. These jobs are among the strangest but interesting career choices.
1.    Golf Ball Diver: If you have seen a game of golf, you know about the ground. Apart from green surface, a golf ground contains ponds, water hazards and streams. A golf ball diver’s job is to pick up the balls from the ponds. While working as a golf ball diver, you can earn a huge amount of money. OMGVIS1301-12.    Bike Digger: The job is a perfect choice for job seekers in the Netherlands who love to enroll in interesting job. The work of a bike digger is to dig out cycles from canals of the nation. OMGVIS1301-23.    Pet Food Taster: Have you ever heard of a person eating a pet’s food? Well, it’s a job. The responsibility of a pet food taster is to check whether the product is meeting the brand’s all requirements by tasting it.OMGVIS1301-34.    IMAX Screen Cleaner: Did you know the place where you go to watch the latest flicks is cleaned by some professionals? An IMAX screen cleaner’s duty is to clean the screens of the movie theatres. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5.    Professional Cuddlers: There are a number of cafés around Japan where people are offered the facilities of cuddling. A real live professional cuddler sleeps next to you.OMGVIS1301-56.    Bed Tester: How about a sleep? Bed Testers work to make sure the bed a company had made is comfortable. They lay on the bed all day long. OMGVIS1301-67.    Car Watchers: Yeah! You read that right. In Brazil, people pay just to watch their cars. Car watchers make sure no one is damaging or stealing the car.  LA Car Dealers

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