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7 Types of Moms You Find Only In India

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She is your mom and best friend. Indian mothers are totally different from moms from across the globe. Here are seven types of mothers that could be found only in India.
1.    Dramatic Mother: She is cute, but over dramatic. She has a dialogue for every situation. Such mothers show their emotions even if their kids fall from bed. OMGVIS1307-12.    Fun Loving Mother: She is the coolest mother on the planet. You don’t have to fear what she will do if you get caught doing something wrong. She is her children’s best friend. OMGVIS1307-23.    Caring Mother: She may irritate you, but she cares for you. If you are not at home until 8 pm, keep you cell phone in your hand because she is going to call you after ever five minutes. When you are in office, she will call you to check if you had your lunch or not.OMGVIS1307-34.    Superhero Mother: You have no idea how she does multitasking. She is perfect in managing everything on time. Sun can forget to rise, but she is never late. All family members depend on her. OMGVIS1307-45.    Mother with Sixth-sense: Don’t even try to hide anything from her; she knows everything. Her eyes never miss anything. If you are sad, she will find out even if you are smiling.  OMGVIS1307-56.    Angry Mom: Whether it is about your study or cleaning your room, you are going to face the anger of your mother. She wants everything perfect and on place. She doesn’t believe in less. OMGVIS1307-67.    Sarcastic Mother: Sometimes, you don’t know whether your mom is favoring you or speaking against you. If you have broken a glass, she will be like, ‘you broke a glass! Wow, that’s amazing! Why don’t you break every single thing of the house?’      OMGVIS1307-7

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