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8 Surprising Facts About Left Handed People You Probably Didn’t Know

8 Surprising Facts About Left Handed People You Probably Didn’t Know
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A number of individuals around the globe are lefties. These people have to face inconvenience in their daily life because most of the things are made for right-handed people. But still, they are unique. Here are some of the amazing facts about lefties you probably didn’t know.
1.    About 10% population of the world is left-handed. Worldwide celebrities like Paul McCartney, Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lawrence are lefties. OMGVIS1304-12.    According to latest studies, left-handed people are more likely to develop Psychosis disorders. OMGVIS1304-23.    Left-handed individuals have higher IQ than right-handed people. OMGVIS1304-34.    Left-handed people worry more about making mistakes. According to a recent research, lefties are easily embarrassed. OMGVIS1304-45.    They are creative by birth. Most of the left-handed people choose creative careers.????????????????????????????????????6.    If you are also a leftie, then there are higher chances that you are going to earn more money than right-handed people. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, seated, is watched by reporters and mayor Klaus Wowereit, in background right, as he signs the Golden guest book of the City of Berlin at the Red City Hall in Berlin on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2008. (AP Photo/Miguel Villagran)7.    Being a leftie also affects your age. According to survey, left handed people live about nice years lesser than their counterparts.    A girl drawn picture  seriously8.    Left-handed people are cleverer, better-looking and more talented than their counterparts.


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