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8 Strange unknown facts about Newton

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Who doesn’t know Sir Isaac Newton, one of the greatest scientists and mathematicians of the world? Thanks to him for making our lives very easy. Here with some strange unknown facts about Newton:
1.    Sir Isaac Newton was the man behind the laws of universal gravitation and motion.  OMGKAV1403-12.    Most of you probably not know that the name of Newton’s father was also Isaac Newton.  OMGKAV1403-23.    Newton was born into a farming family. He was bad at it due to which he was sent to study. OMGKAV1403-34.    Newton had a strange obsession with bible. He had depth knowledge about bible. He wrote more on religion than on mathematics or science.OMGKAV1403-45.    Although Newton was deeply religious but he didn’t believe in Holy Trinity or Satan.OMGKAV1403-56.    Newton took birth as a premature baby on December 25, 1642 in England.OMGKAV1403-67.    Today if we are able to understand the behavior of light, it is all because of Newton’s study optics.OMGKAV1403-78.    Newton was also an inventor. He was the one who invented first reflecting telescope. This was the same telescope he used in the modern study of optics.       OMGKAV1403-8

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