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9 Fun facts about elephants

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Elephants are huge but adorable living beings. Here are some fun facts about elephants:
1.    African elephants top the list of largest land mammals on Earth. Females of this species have the longest pregnancy time span among all elephants. They undergo pregnancy for 22 months.African elephant (Loxodonta africana), herd on the move. In the middle cow elephant with exceptionally long tusks. Amboseli National Park, Kenya.  Distribution Sub-Saharan Africa2.    You would be surprised to know that elephants are one of those animals who can easily recognize themselves in the mirror or in its shadow in water.OMGKAV1301-23.    You are reading it right. Yes, just like humans, elephants also face the problem of getting sunburned. They protect themselves by putting soil on their backs or staying in shadow.OMGKAV1301-34.    Elephants are water lovers. They are totally in love with swimming,  diving and moving in the opposite direction of the water waves is one of their favorite fun activities.OMGKAV1301-45.    Isn’t it funny to know that elephants have half of its sleep while standing? Moreover they have just around 4 hours sleep.  OMGKAV1301-56.    Although elephants are huge creatures yet they are afraid of even the smallest beings like ants. As per a study, elephants hate it when an ant gets into its trunk, which is very sensitive.OMGKAV1301-67.    Female elephants follow a way of living. They stay in a group of around 13 elephants. Generally a matriarch leads the group and is the deciding one. Unlike other animals, females lead elephant families.OMGKAV1301-78.    Do you know that Asian elephants don’t run as in running they need to lift all four feet at one time?OMGKAV1301-89.    Elephants are alike human beings when it comes to getting emotional. Just like us, elephants mourn death of other elephant and takes time to recover. At times they even cover the body of dead elephant with soil or grass.       OMGKAV1301-9

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