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9 Strange but true facts about men

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People often say that you can’t understand women. But, do you know that to some extent same is the case with men. Here are some strange but true facts about men:
1.    Men don’t believe in asking for directions rather they would waste a lot of fuel driving here and there to reach their destination.Act like it's the weekend.2.    Guys get attracted only by the physical appearances of a girl at the first sight. They somehow believe in ‘love at the first sight’ thing.OMGKAV1402-23.    No matter how strong guys think they are but when it comes to visiting a doctor they hate it.  OMGKAV1402-34.    It’s not just girls, guys are emotional too. The only difference is they don’t believe in showing them in front of others. If their girl would calmly ask them about what’s going on, they would pour out their heart out in no time.OMGKAV1402-45.    Men have a competitive nature they just can’t accept defeat and often suffer from anxiety due to non-satisfactory performance.OMGKAV1402-56.    As per a survey men lie 6 times in a day and it is double as often as women.Lying businessman observing his long nose7.    Men sweat up double as much as women do. OMGKAV1402-78.    Never doubt on your men when he says that he is thinking nothing. Because it is true that men can spend hours without thinking about anything.OMGKAV1402-89.    And yes, never say a guy that you are not good at some guy thing. They just can’t handle it.    OMGKAV1402-9

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