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Interesting facts about Google you may not know

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Who doesn’t know what Google is? Just a single click and the world is here. All of us depend on Google in one way or another. Well, here are some amazing facts about Google that you may not know:
1.    Did you know that if you will ever type the words ‘I want to commit suicide’ on Google then the search engine will show the suicide helpline number of your country on the top of the search results?OMGKAV1401-12.    What can you do in a second? Nothing? Well, Google can process millions of pages in a second. Isn’t that amazing? Initially, one of Google version could process only 30-50 pages per second.OMGKAV1401-23.    Google doodles are very famous and people love to check them out. But, did you know Google’s first doodle was designed as a type of ‘out of office’ message. Google guys designed it in 1998 to tell the users that they are out of office and wouldn’t be available to fix technical issues.OMGKAV1401-34.    Google rents out goats. I am not kidding, it is true. The company does so to ‘mow’ the weed and brush around its headquarters. OMGKAV1401-45.    In Google, employees are allowed to bring their friendly pooches to office. Aww, that is so sweet.OMGKAV1401-56.    The original name of Google was Backrub. OMGKAV1401-67.    The company has a pet T-rex, living at their headquarters in California. It is named as Stan. It was brought to remind company employees not to let Google go extinct.       OMGKAV1401-7

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