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Struggles every girl faces during summers

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Summer is the time of celebration. But with summers come along a lot of struggles that every girl has to face in the season:
1.    In summers girls wear their favorite hot shots, cute doll dresses, skirts, and a lot of mini dresses to beat the heat. But, this is not that easy as it sounds. Girls need to shave more often during summer, which is so annoying.OMGKAV1406-1
2.    Make up is one of girls’ best friends and in summers they constantly have to prevent their make up from melting of their face losing those ugly patches.OMGKAV1406-2
3.    They need to match the color of their nail paint with their dresses regularly. In this case, winters were far better where in the same nail paint was there the whole season.OMGKAV1406-3
4.    Girls suffer from sunburn due to their straps. And they need to think twice before wearing an off shoulder dress due to it. OMGKAV1406-4
5.    Girls get irritated when their bare body parts especially legs het stuck whenever they sit.OMGKAV1406-5
6.    Maintenance of long hair is very tough especially when you have to go on a party with open hair. At times girls just feel like getting bald.OMGKAV1406-6
7.    Face moisture keeps on bothering girls in summer because with moisture comes pimples and girls hate them.      OMGKAV1406-7

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