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World top 5 cities for street food

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When it comes to munching a lot of people love to enjoy street food. If you are one of those street food lovers then you must go through these world’s top 5 cities for street food:
1.    Bangkok, Thailand- Streets of this beautiful city are paved with mouth watering food, varying from fried noodles, roasted ducks, chickens to those veggie papaya salads the street food of this city is something you can die for. OMGKAV1405-12.    Singapore- Hundreds of food stalls with huge variety, this place is the called food street capital. You can get here food belonging to different culture. From steamed Hainan chicken to great sea food, garlic noodles to a number of soups with coconut curry, you can find here anything and everything. OMGKAV1405-23.    Mexico City- This is nothing less than a street food paradise.  You can find here some of the best street food snacks, dishes in the world. The dishes will tempt you in such a way that you won’t be able to avoid them.OMGKAV1405-34.    Penang, Malaysia- This is a street food hub, trust me.  This place is nothing less than a diamond in the rough. This place disappoints nobody whether you want cheap yummy food or high class cuisine this part of the world will offer you everything.OMGKAV1405-45.    Marrakech, Morocco – In this city the best food is served in the street stalls not in the high class restaurants. This is a colorful city when it comes to food and the minute you will enter here, you will find yourself in the aura of rich spices.      OMGKAV1405-5

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