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5 Cheapest places to travel

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In this expensive world, who doesn’t want to visit a place which is not only beautiful but also cheap at the same time. So, here are we with some cheapest places to travel:
1.    Pokhara, Nepal- This place is blessed with stunning panoramic sights with Annapurna range in its background.  This place offers you a wide range of mouthwatering cheap snacks along with many trekking sites. Alongside the lakeside road there are many affordable restaurants.  CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90  2.    Hanoi Vietnam- This city in Vietnam is the most affordable city you can plan to visit this summer. There are many value-for-money sites. Local food is extremely cheap considering all standards. Prices here are especially low for food, drinks and hotels.OMGKAV1508-23.    Kiev Ukraine- This is one of the most cost-effective place to visit. This place offers the best environment for those who are adventurous. The most amazing architecture here in is St. Sophia Cathedral. Most things in this place are cheap by European standards. OMGKAV1508-34.    Saigon, (Ho Chi Minh City) Vietnam- This place has a number of food stalls like Banh Mi and Com Tam available at every corner of the city. You can easily get cheap high quality food. Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the amazing architectures you can visit.OMGKAV1508-45.    Goa, India- Famous for its beaches and places of worship, this place is just amazing. There are many forts, museums, wild life and what not. This place may seem to be expensive to lot of people but if you try you can bargain to great extents here.   OMGKAV1508-5

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