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7 important life lessons your first love teaches you

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Love is a magical feeling and takes you in a fairy tale world. First love is something you can’t express in words. But, it teaches you a plethora of life lessons and here are some of them:

1. When in love, you learn how to give without expecting back. Love makes you a better person.OMGKAV0087-1
2. Mistakes have become a regular part of your life. Every now and then, you make a mistake in love but the realization of doing wrong comes later on. You learn to think before act.OMGKAV0087-2
3. When the person you love ditches you, you break down and get shattered into countless pieces. You get to learn that you can’t trust anybody in life, no matter how much you love them.OMGKAV0087-3
4. Love makes you patient in life. You learn to wait for the right time.

5. You get to realize that you can’t get everything you desire in life. God has his own plans and you have to go by them no matter what.

6. You learn to move on in life no matter how tough it is. You understand that you can’t just remain stuck at one point in life for a long time.

7. First love teaches you that you should be the only master of your emotions and should never give the rope of your life in somebody else’s hand.

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