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7 Things you should know when raising a daughter

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In a world like today, raising a girl is one of the most difficult tasks. Here are some of the things you must keep in mind while raising a doll:

1. Tell them what real beauty is. Never miss a chance to compliment them and do tell them that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. Teach them the importance of having a beautiful soul.OMGKAV0088-1
2. As your little doll is growing up you must be ready to share your make up stuff with her, after all she will follow you.OMGKAV0088-2
3. You need to make her understand about periods calmly. Nobody else going to tell her about it. Just tell her everything about it so that she doesn’t feel shy while talking about it.OMGKAV0088-3
4. Always encourage her to live an independent life. Teach her the value of saving money so that she needs not to depend on anybody for the basic necessities.OMGKAV0088-4
5. Try to make her smart in life. She would be having a lot of guy friends and in today’s era you can’t restrict her from having such friends. So, better tell her to act smartly when she is with guys.

6. Girls are very sensitive about their body and during puberty they go through a lot of changes; so, behave in a calm way with them.

7. Protecting your girl is good but at the same time you must also let her face the world so that in future she can boldly and bravely deal with the world. Just set some boundaries for her and tell her to remain loyal with them.

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