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Easy ways to be more charismatic than your buddies

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Who doesn’t want to be the most charismatic girl/guy in his/her circle? I am sure everybody does.  Here are some simple ways to be more charismatic:
1.    Great posture, proper body language is something which can easily make people fall for you. Always stay confident no matter what you are facing in life.OMGKAV1509-12.    Always remember that apologizing means you value your relationship with somebody more than your ego. Give respect to others.OMGKAV1509-23.    Be a good listener and once the other person is done with his/her part, speak out.OMGKAV1509-34.    Charismatic people never run away from any responsibility. They take it and give their 100% to fulfill it.
5.    Stay positive and hopeful always. Don’t waste your time looking at the negative side of something, instead focus on positive things and never lose hope.
6.    Embrace your insecurities, get comfortable with them. In the beginning, you will find it very difficult but then eventually you will realize they have started losing their power. Never run away from them, instead face them and overcome them.
7.    Limit your expectations and accept the reality. Admit it, change is the only constant in life.
8.    Always keep that curve called smile on your face no matter what you have been going through. A bubbly, smiling face always looks attractive to others.
9.    Observe the charismatic people you have in your life. Learn from them and see how they deal with different situations.
10.    Stay focused on whatever you aim at in your life. No matter, it’s a dream job, the girl you like, etc., if you remain dedicated, you will definitely get it. Doing so will definitely bring confidence on your face, which will certainly make you charismatic.

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