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Most popular New Year Resolutions

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Who doesn’t make New Year Resolutions? I guess everybody does. Some people follow them with dedication while others make them just for fund sake. Well, here are most popular New Year Resolutions that people make:OMGKAV1506-11.    Losing weight to get in shape is one of the most commonly made New Year resolutions. People make it with an aim to look gorgeous and stay health but with time a lot of people break it and fall in love with those oily munchies again.OMGKAV1506-1
2.     Some people make a resolution that they won’t drink alcohol or smoke anymore. After realizing the bad impact of these things they decide to make it their resolution but eventually most of them bow in front of their addictions.New Year's Resolutions
3.    Helping others is another most common New Year resolution made by people. They decide to become a part of some volunteer organization to serve the humanity. But, such a thing is very difficult to achieve in this fast and furious life.
4.    Many people make a resolution that they will start enjoying life to the fullest and will not worry about anything anymore. This is something everybody wants to do but is very difficult to bring in action.
5.    Saving money is one of the most common resolutions. People promise themselves that they will start saving money and won’t spend it like anything, which limits their shopping skill but such a thing hardly happens. After all, who can resist buying his/her favorite dress, especially when it is on sale?

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